TMM 4107

Viral Pathogenesis

3 credits

Course Description:

Disease oriented basis of human virology, with focus on current medical issues in virus infections.

Course Lecturer & Coordinator: M.A. Langlois

MIC 4126


3 credits

Course Description:

Survey of viruses that infect bacteria, plants and animals, emphasizing the basic principles of virus structure, classification and transmission. Examination of molecular mechanisms involved in virus replication and virus-host interactions, using as specific examples, pathogenic viruses that infect humans or animals. To be offered every year subject to sufficient demand.

Course Lecturer & Coordinator: M.A. Langlois

TMM 4914

Advanced Methods in Biomedical Research - Flow Cytometry

1.5 credits

Course Description:

This is a lab course designed to give students hands-on experience in flow cytometry.  Students will learn from the basics of flow cytometry theory to experimental design, sample preparation, instrument set-up, data acquisition and data analysis.

Course Coordinator: M.A. Langlois

Course Lecturer & Lab Coordinator: V. Tang

TMM 3505


3 crédits

Course Description:

Bases de la défense immunitaire, comprenant les contributions fonctionnelles des composantes cellulaires, cytokines et autres médiateurs immunitaires à  la santé et à la maladie.

Course Lecturer & Coordinator: M.A. Langlois

MIC 8236

Advanced Topics in Virology

3 credits (Graduate)


An in-depth presentation of current topics in virological research. Topics will vary from year to year. To be offered every alternate year subject to sufficient demand.

Course Lecturer & Coordinator: M.A. Langlois